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Bill McGaughey for State Representative
Minnesota House district 59-B
Republican candidate in 2012



Bill McGaughey withdrew from the race for state representative in Minnesota House district 59-B with an announcement made at a candidate forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters on July 30, 2012.

The reason for the withdrawal was that he received the judge's decision in a divorce case several days earlier which was unexpectedly harsh.

McGaughey will have to spend his time and remaining resources on preparing an appeal of this judge's decision to the Minnesota Court of Appeals.


A strange result:

At the primary election held on August 14, 2012, Bill McGaughey received 79 votes, or 44.6% of the total, having dropped out of the race two weeks earlier. His primary opponent, Gary Mazzotta, received 98 votes, or 55.4% of the total.

The DFL winner was Ray Dehn with 876 votes in a three-way contest. Like Bill, Ray campaigned on the basis of having once been convicted of a crime. Maybe this shows that a certain segment of the electorate should not be ignored. It's a growing part of the population.


TOP: Well, I've been there. If you want the complete story, click here. I'm running for office because there are certain things that need to be discussed at the state legislature but have not been. If the police can come into your home and arrest someone without evidence of wrongdoing, no one is safe. The dirty little DFL secret is that the prosecutors, courts, and police ride rough shod over men but no one seems to care. This needs to end.

CENTER: Bill McGaughey - a free-spirited progressive Republican (some would say RINO) with a platform like no other this year.

(The opinions expressed are the candidate's own, not those of the Republican Party or even the candidate's friends.)

RIGHT: Mitt's father, George Romney, used this clay "gas-guzzling dinosaur" as a prop in his sales pitch for Rambler automobiles on the Disneyland television show in the 1950s.


"We must guard against the slide from democracy into a police state."

" Government is a money-guzzling dinosaur."




“Resolved that the Republican Party firmly oppose the police state, starting with Domestic Abuse laws and procedures.”

(resolution introduced by Bill McGaughey which was adopted at the Ward 5-6 Republican precinct caucus in Minneapolis on February 7, 2012)

Life goes on in sometimes trying circumstances.

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