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Email wars: the nasty, polarized nature of today’s political discourse

(actual email conversations in the Minnesota-based e-democracy forum)


police in the streets of St. Paul, MN, during the 2008 Republican national convention


RACE WARS: A debate in the U.S. E-Democracy Forum under the heading of “Lefty Incitement” (March 27, 2010 to March 31, 2010)

MORE E-MAIL WARS: On "political correctness" and "white privilege" Two white men make themselves obnoxious to Minnesota Democrats in March 2010

Free-Speech Wars: On leaving the Forum or being kicked out in April 2010

Whether the Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate group a discussion in August 2010

Questioning whether the Tea Party is an authentic populist movement or a Republican front a discussion in November 2010

A Republican county chairman takes aim at "RINO" candidates an email exchange during the 2010 election season

BAD WHITE PEOPLE! What passes for a debate on race in Minnesota


a remote valley in Sichuan province

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